The Race soundtrack consists of 11 tracks of punk rock in Ogg Vorbis format. The total size is about 12 Mb. You don't have to get them all at once, Race will play what is available.

Save the files in Race-x.x.x/resources/music/
(shift-left click to save, in case your web browser appends some extension to the file (like .ogg.txt) you will have to remove the extension.)

Race Music License V1.0

 This license applies to the following files:

 These files are Copyright (C) 2000 James Barnard/Sludgefeast.  They may be
downloaded only if you have already downloaded the game "Race" and must only
be used in conjunction with "Race".  Once downloaded they may be copied only
for distribution with "Race", they must remain in their current format
(.ogg) and a copy of this text must always be included. At any time James
Barnard reserves the right for these conditions to be changed, please check for the latest version of this
text before copying, or downloading.

By downloading any songs from this page you agree to these terms and
conditions, and acknowledge that you have viewed and acted in accordance
with the latest version of this text.

These songs and recordings remain under the sole ownership of James Barnard.
For any other use consult James Barnard.
Contact information is available at the bands (sludgefeast) homepage.

Sludgefeast homepage:

The license of the game, Race, IS the GNU GPL 
The license of the music IS NOT the GNU GPL.

The music is available for download at the Race homepage

Race homepage: